SBA Loans and Your Business

Have you heard about our small business loans? There are many businesses that can benefit from obtaining this type of financing. Ascension Business Capital is a Preferred Financial Services company, so we can process your SBA loan faster and more efficiently than many other financial institutions.

Property Types We Work With

A small business loan from Ascension Business Capital can help when you need to refinance, build, renovate or purchase your property. Following are just a few examples of the property types we work with: 

  • Child care facilities
  • Motels
  • Car washes
  • Properties that are nonconforming
  • Car repair centers
  • Veterinary offices
  • Gas stations
  • Hotels
  • Buildings that are single-purpose
  • Car dealerships

Equipment Financing Solutions

Did you know that our SBA loans can be used for equipment financing? Ascension Business Capital loans cover the following types of equipment:

  • Heavy equipment
  • Diagnostic
  • Laundry or dry cleaning
  • Machine tools
  • Manufacturing
  • Trucking
  • Machines for printing and binding
  • Medical equipment

These are just a few of the many types of industry-specific gear that a small business loan could cover.

SBA Loan Benefits

If the above benefits were not enough, note the following advantages that a loan from Ascension Business Capital can provide you with:

  • No prepayment penalties
  • Fixed and variable rate options (7a and 504 programs)
  • Financing up to 90%
  • 25 year terms (full amortization)
  • Loans up to $5,000,000

Existing Business Acquisition Loans: Basics and Benefits

Are you seeking approval for an existing business acquisition loan?  If your business is well-managed and has decent cash flow, we can work with you. Here are some benefits of this program:

  • 15 year terms
  • Prequalification in as little as 48 hours
  • No prepayment penalties
  • Financing up to 80%
  • Amortized loans (with no ballooning)

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